Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine Team Up For Uplifting New Single, “Whole Heart”


Gryffin & Bipolar Sunshine – Whole Heart

After the wildfire-like success of his debut single “Heading Home” placed his name in the #1 position on Spotify’s US and Global Viral Charts, LA-based producer Gryffin is ready to continue his wild journey with his brand-new single, “Whole Heart.” Created with the help of UK singer Bipolar Sunshine, this new track is once again an incredible display of the young artist’s unrivaled musical talent, and is sure to take off across the music world in no time.

This isn’t the first time Gryffin and Bipolar Sunshine’s names have crossed paths. As a part of his impressive remix repertoire, Gryffin put his own personal touch on Bipolar Sunshine’s “Daydreamer,” transforming the song into an uplifting, atmospheric dance number.  Now, a year later, the two artists have teamed up to create something that is equally heartwarming and hard-hitting. “Whole Heart” takes you on a journey through pulsing synth waves, slick percussion, and echoing beats, while Bipolar Sunshine’s moving lyricism brings the piece together.

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