On heels of releasing one of the hottest tracks of the year, Flux Pavilion discusses the controversial music video behind “Feel Your Love“.

Last week the world finally received the highly anticipated collaboration from Flux Pavilion and NGHTMRE. The track, which reportedly was produced six months ago, has already echoed throughout set lists at festivals like Ultra and EDC Las Vegas, but was not available to the public until now. Last weekend, at Moonrise Festival, EDMTunes spoke to Josh, aka Flux Pavilion, about the track:

“We had it done in February but there’s loads of contractual shit. I’m signed to a different label, NGHTMRE is signed to Mad Decent, and the vocalist is signed to another label, so sometimes it takes ages to get everyone to sit down and decide what to actually do which is really annoying because I like to write a song and put it out. I know my fans like that too, so I hate making my fans wait for music, because they’re already hearing it at my shows. To me, the idea of writing music, and not letting people hear it is a crazy thing so I try to get it out as quickly as I can. “

Along with the single, Flux and NGHTMRE released a promo music video. The film fit the intense, emotional, and thrilling vibes, but, unbeknownst to the song’s creators, the artist tasked with producing the video, had taken a lot of its content without permission.

“We found out that the guy that we found to put together the video had taken loads of content from loads of other artists. Then when we put it out, all of these artists were like “what the fuck are you doing with our content”. Basically, I haven’t really slept since last night. I’ve been talking to all the artists, and making sure I know whose content it is. We’ve taken the video down, now, a few hours ago.

You hear about all these artists stealing content from people and stealing ideas from people and I’m fully against that. I think everyone deserves to get respect for what they do and get paid for what they do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy on twitter with 1 fan or 2 million fans, everyone deserves the same amount of respect for the work they do. Just because one thing’s more popular doesn’t mean that it’s better art.

So yeah, it’s been a bit of a manic day getting in touch with all of the artists, letting them know that we aren’t trying to fuck them over. What makes it annoying is that the video is down now, so all of those links are broken. What makes it cool, though, is if you go on my twitter feed, you’ll see all of the people I’ve been talking to. Basically, this guy just cut up and edited loads of other people’s content. So, for me, I’ve now discovered so many amazing artists, so now I’m in contact with all of these amazing content creators and artists.”

Connecting with new artists doesn’t only facilitate future creative partnerships, but also helps keep Flux motivated to always be better and do more. Even the up-and-comer can provide inspiration to one of the industry’s most legendary bass music producers.

“It’s kind of like when I have artists who support me on tour, they always ask: “What do you want me to take out of my set and what do you want me to play?” My answer is always “play the best set you possibly can, always do your best, because if your set is better than my set, I’ll be supporting you next year.” It’s as simple as that. Whenever I’ve supported people, I’m an artist, and I’m doing my thing.

If you’re doing a tour, I always respect whoever is headlining the tour, but the less everyone censors themselves, the better the music is going to be. I don’t think censorship is good for anyone. When you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s quite easy to be stuck in your ways and just forget why you started. When you see people who have just started, and you see the spark in them, and they feel the music, and their connection to their music, and that reinvigorates it in myself. I’m always excited by new music.” 

Moving past the “Feel Your Love” release, Flux Pavilion has his sights set on a new level of bass performance. This upcoming Bank Holiday Weekend, Flux will headline South West Four performing for the first time Flux Pavilion Live. Obviously, there are a lot of questions to be had about a groundbreaking performance, but we only had a few more minutes to talk, and we were most interested on what music we can expect to be played:

“We’ve been working on it for about 5 years. It’s basically a live Flux Pavilion experience with 4 people who are all performing on it. We play loads of stuff live: Bass Cannon, I Can’t Stop, Feel Your Love, etc.”