Electric Family Unveils Fall Collection Promoting Good Vibes and Family

Electric Family

Electric Family is one of dance music’s most beloved organizations, fueling the scene with unlimited good vibes and ernest passion. Since partnering with Zedd on the original charity bracelet – now a staple item for the streetwear brand, charity hybrid – the Electric Fam has grown immensely and with that growth has come some pretty sweet new designs for their merch. The Fall Collection just dropped today with some pretty powerful things to say along with it.

This Fall, Electric Family is aiming on spreading the love even further than before, using positive slogans and encouraging verbiage like “Spread Peace”, “Feel the Vibe”, “Do Good”, “Peace is Pricelss” and more; of course the line isn’t just for those looking to say some nice things, it looks dope too. Combining style for streetwear and style conscious fans and inspiring messages is a pretty bomb combo, and if it gets in the hands of enough people, we’ll be brushing away all the hate and negativity in the world in no time.

Interested in grabbing some swag for yourself? Head over to their site and check out the full line for yourself. You can save some money to by inviting your friends too!