We’re gearing up for Tomorrowland to unveil its epic tree stage for  2016, but the festival is already looking ahead to a brighter 2017. Let’s face it – 2016 will likely be looked upon as a bloodbath for festival properties. Numerous festivals were delayed or cancelled during the year, and Tomorrowland was forced to sever (for now) ties with its North American TomorrowWorld counterpart as SFX pulled it down. However 2017 is already looking to be massive, and Tomorrowland is no exception. Dutch publication ATV reports that Tomorrowland is in talks with local authorities in Belgium to once again host a double header for Tomorrowland 2017. The report is all Dutch so any native speakers can feel free to offer up a better translation.

While Coachella has been running the double-weekend game for years now, Ultra Music Festival joined in as the first double weekend EDM festival in 2013. However local authorities and residents couldn’t handle 2 weeks of traffic chaos and Ultra has not expressed an interest in trying that experiment again. Contrast that with Tomorrowland, where the locals actually want the festival to grow to 2 weekends. We hate to say it, but perhaps Tomorrowland has the resources to spend on an extra weekend if it doesn’t expect TomorrowWorld to return.