Gareth Emery Releases Episode 2 of ‘Make It Happen’

make it happen

In the next installation of Gareth Emery‘s Youtube mini-series Make It Happen, the British producer talks about the long-term effects of partying too much, what it will mean for your career if you prioritize fun over work, and how to follow through on a track that you have been working on. He also takes questions from fans of the show and gives them advice based on their curiosities. If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, be sure to check it out and get some more insight on how to make it happen for yourself.

As someone who has been on both sides of the spectrum, Emery’s advice is both well-informed and full of good intentions. The producer wants his fans to be as successful as he was able to be, so sharing his knowledge is sort of a thank you to everyone who helped him get to where he is. Catch the new episode below and stay tuned for more Make It Happen.