Is Galactic Marvl the Next Anonymous Producer Sensation?

As DJs in dance music achieved god-like status, the trends shifted towards DJs that take the emphasis off of themselves and put it back onto the music and the audiences. At the forefront of this notion are the bevy of anonymous producers that have exploded in popularity recently. We saw this with Marshmello, HI-LO, ZHU, slushii, and more. Now another intriguing anonymous producer is taking the industry by storm, and that is Galactic Marvl.

The mysterious producer/character burst onto the scene 2 months ago with a remix of Don’t Let Me Down that drew major attention and had people thinking it might be an offshoot of Jack U, or even Porter Robinson and/or Flume. Kaskade has been repping the producer as well as he (or she?) made an impressive remix of “Fakin It“. A Google search revealed that Galactic Marvl is associated with Armin van Buuren’s Armada label and is actually a fully fleshed out character complete with a story. From the Prologue on their website, Galactic Marvl is an alien who is coming to Earth and is “different”. All there is beyond that is a teaser video with the gorgeous first original track, “Hello My Friends”. An association with Armada makes Flume or Porter seem less likely, but the label has been branching out in many ways recently so we can’t know for sure.

Watching the video with the intro track playing will draw instant comparisons to Porter Robinson’s Worlds, with its soaring melodies and a sense of a fantastical adventure shown through animation. The end of the video also indicates that there is more to come, so there is probably a cohesive story to this project. With comparisons to marshmello, Jack U, Flume, and Porter Robinson, this is clearly a mystery producer you need to watch closely. Can anybody make sense of this? Let us know what you think after you watch the intro teaser above.