Deadmau5 Teases Brand New Stage, Pours Cold Water on Prydz B2B Stream

Deadmau5 has a highly anticipated festival set with a brand new unique setup and fans are going wild! No – we’re not talking about Tomorrowland this time, although yeah all those things are true about it. This time we’re talking about the Veld Festival in Canada. Taking to Twitter, Deadmau5 said he would be pulling out all the stops for this show. We’ve got to admit deadmau5 is not normally one to hype up a performance like this, so we’re very excited.

In fact, he let it slip that he’s premiering a brand new stage design that’s set to overshadow the epic and beloved Cube stage.

It’s not all amazing news though, as he also let us know that other highly anticipated set with Eric Prydz would not be live streamed (and may not be recorded at all). At least he gave us hope that there will be another opportunity to see the unique back to back live performance.