The Skrillex M.I.A Collab Is Actually Happening


Yet another artist is hopping on the Skrillex-collab bandwagon. Like Bruno Mars, Fetty Wap, A$AP Ferg and Rick Ross, M.I.A. is now the latest prominent collaborator heading into the studio with OWSLA‘s big kahuna. Though rumors of Sonny teaming up with M.I.A. have been floating around, it wasn’t until someone uploaded a short teaser on Reddit did the collaboration actually looked like it was going to happen. Supposedly named “Go Off,” the track finds Sonny twisting M.I.A.’s vocals in the usual style. But with the preview only lasting a few seconds, it’s hard to really delve deep into how the composition might actually sound like overall.

It’s uncertain whether “Go Off” will be released under M.I.A.’s upcoming album or under Sonny’s own projects; however, she did post a picture of Skrillex on her Instagram last November alongside the title of her next album. Her 5th album is scheduled to release in July, sounding like we might be hearing the whole track pretty soon.


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