Hayden James – Just A Lover

Australia based Hayden James and Future Classic signee is a man who can do it all – sing, write songs, produce and dj resulting in the perfect marriage between Dance and Pop that is absolutely hard to resist. Last year he dropped the gem titled “Something About You” which was a festival favorite around the globe. Hayden looks to now keep that fire going with another infectious cut, “Just A Lover.” The warm analog bass churns around clever percussion choices for a throwback sounding aesthetic while James’ voice loops an angelic line “In my heart, you were just a lover/ I can’t bare for you to leave” so smoothly over the record. All of these elements come together to form one sexy record. I’m not sure if you’ll sing along, dance, reminisce but one thing’s for sure – this song will make you feel something.

Hayden James – Just A Lover | DOWNLOAD