Hardwell Headlines The United Nations

united nations

Every dance music fan believes in the spirit of this music and that we are all united whether under the electric sky or in the United Nations. Wait, what?  Just this week Hardwell actually played live from the United Nations in New York. Yes, that’s correct. The United Nations, the intergovernmental organization that is dedicated to international co-operation. Part of the collaboration was most likely due to the work that Hardwell does with his, United We Are Foundation which has received a lot of support by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

If you’re still in disbelief, don’t be, it happened, and that’s the video that proves it. The video provided by On Tour Management shows Hardwell on possibly one of the smallest stages he’s ever been on, in what looks like a fairly standard conference room. Dance fans rest assured there was definitely still flashing lights, fist bumping, and shouting out the crowd, to give them that true live show experience.