EDC’s Basspod Stage Caught Fire Last Night… Literally


We throw around the term “fire” around a lot these days. That set was fire. That outfit is fire. That drop….fire. However, on Day 2 of EDC, the Basspod Stage literally caught on fire. The videos below were captured by a few EDC attendees that show the top of the stage engulfed in some pretty big flames. The accident occurred during drum n bass legend Andy C’s set.

I’m going to take a guess here, that this is not what Pasquale Rotella had in mind when he said he wanted to make the 20th anniversary of EDC memorable. Although large, the fire did stay contained to the props on the stage and luckily no reports of injured festival-goers have been reported due to the accident. Hopefully Day 3 of EDC ends on a positive note with no other major mishaps such as this one. And just another reminder, stay safe out there ravers!

H/T: Dancing Astronaut