Boiler Room is a global music broadcasting platform that streams exclusive live music performances to hundreds of thousands of fans globally each day. As its popularity has grown, it has nurtured a strong reputation for highlighting the best of the underground, as well as attracting a diverse range of fans from even more diverse backgrounds.

The model behind the Boiler Room party is a small exclusive invite only show, with the rest of the party being live streamed around the world. During yesterday’s event, Glaswegian DJ Nightwave found herself fall victim to a harsh online conversation that appeared to be centered around the fact that she is a woman. Boiler Room had this to say about the incident.

boiler room

Boiler Room has a strong reputation for highlighting avante-garde music and with that reputation comes avante-garde fans, which is why this issue was so startling for Boiler Room organizers, listeners, and performers alike. Fortunately, these events did not seem to phase veteran performer Nightwave, who took to twitter to voice her opinion on the issue.

Fortunately, after several announcements, Boiler Room has pledged to prevent any further harassment or debasement around gender, sexual orientation, and race, so they can continue to pursue the artistic vision that is central to every Boiler Room party. Fundamentally, what is most unfortunate about this situation, is that instead of discussing the flawless, unique, and funky, set Nightwave played, we are instead forced discus the blatant sexism of yesterday’s viewers. The world is a very large place, filled with people from all walks of life. Music is one of the few common denominators that can unite us all. Just think about how many nationalities may be present at your favorite festival! Nightwave wanted nothing more than to share her creative vision with the thousands of people tuning into her broadcast, and instead was publicly marginalized by a few people’s hate. The fact of the matter is that in the world of music, performing at a Boiler Room party is a huge honor. Another fact of this world is that there will always be a number of ignorant people. The key is to not let these few dark clouds rain on your parade. If their negativity succeeds, it will simply give way to more ignorance. We absolutely commend Nightwave for keeping her head held high, and for her courage through this frustrating time. Remember folks, we are all in this for the music, and the love it brings us all.