Bassnectar - Unlimited

Bassnectar – Unlimited

The King of senses, Bassnectar, has announced his next album Unlimited and released four tracks on Souncloud as a part of the pre-order. Though you all may already be familiar with his ability to incorporate music, art and thought, Bassnectar takes a turn and I’m sure none of you saw this coming. Knowing no limits, setting no rules and aiding visceral experience, the man is bringing a downtempo twist to this forthcoming album – pulling it from the deep confines of his soul. However, Unlimited is not only entailed with his emotions but also with the senses of 15 others that will be featured. The production on these tracks takes other-worldly elements. It’s like I’m in another dimension when I hear the sounds, so mesmerizing. Aiming to make a social impact, the artist brings new concepts to his fans along the journey and these four tracks you are about to hear will take you on the trip to where you need to be. Take a look into Bassnectar’s heart and check into the dankness below.

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