Apple Patents Technology to Block Concert Video Recording

Apple is such a smart and future thinking company, they actually know what’s good for you even more than you do. While most people have already accepted the fact that the AUX cable is no longer acceptable and Apple will do away with it, Apple has even more plans to protect us from ourselves. For those concert purists who hate cell phones at shows and festivals, Apple has heard you and has patented a feature to disable video/audio recording at concerts.

The patent was actually filed back in 2011 and basically it allows the venue to produce an infrared signal that your phone would pick up. Then your phone would either disable recording or even apply a watermark. Honestly, it appears that this feature was created more from a copyright protection perspective and less from a desire to force people to enjoy the “here and now” of a concert. Whatever the case, it remains to be seen if this technology will be put into use but its interesting to know Apple was already thinking along these lines.

Source: Gizmodo