Apple Music Receives Redesign as Part of iOS Update

Apple Music
With Apple’s WWDC Developer Conference happening yesterday, along came a few announcements regarding their product lines. The one we want to feature is the changes to their Apple Music streaming service. Coming with the new iOS 10 system, arriving later this year, a larger representation of the album’s artwork, song lyrics, brighter colors and cleaner navigation are all part of the package that are to be expected to be rolled out. Those aren’t the only additions to compliment the aesthetic modifications. Taking a play out of Spotify’s playbook, more tabs with be added such as the ‘For You’ section that would update daily on new finds compared to the weekly ‘Spotify Discover’ playlists; acting more or less as a news feed for updates on content throughout the platform. One last feature that’s worth mentioning is the ‘Downloaded Music’ section. Finally. A much needed simplification for those to listen to their tunes without the interwebs. You can find more about the new information presented here.