Martin Garrix and FCancer Sell Out Exchange LA Event

Artists, sports players and celebrities all are in a unique place among the masses. What they say is given a higher credence and weight in society; same with their actions. We here at EDMTunes featured a story a few months back about a charity project that had been established by industry leaders in the trance scene to give back due to them being in the position to do so. On a much larger scale, Martin Garrix teamed up with FCancer to perform a show at Exchange LA, raising 150k for others in need.

This type of selfless action needs to happen more in an industry that wields so much influence, especially as of recently. Fans drive the music business. Without them, there wouldn’t be triple platinum albums, sold out stadium festivals or the underground music scene. People immerse themselves in tunes everyday for various reasons and to lend a helping hand goes a long way in creating lasting relationships in the community.

“Loved supporting FCancer at Exchange in LA! Such a sick show. If you missed it, you can still get the dope shirt to show your support. All proceeds to FCancer.” – Martin Garrix