Beatport Suspends Auction Process and Shutters Streaming Services

The SFX Entertainment bankruptcy has brought many to question how Beatport will be affected. Today, Beatport posted to their blog the answer.

Beatport will be shutting down the Streaming service and mobile app, along with Beatport News, Video livestreaming platform, and the Events section of the website as of May 13, 2016. This news comes shortly after the announcement of the site’s auction being delayed to May 26. Now it appears that the auction process is suspended altogether. It is unclear whether this is because there is renewed focus at Beatport or whether they failed to receive any worthwhile offers of interest. The team expressed today that they have lost their original intentions and focus on the Beatport Store and brand name. The blog reads:

We have learned through this process… that in our effort to be so many different things, we lost focus on bringing the best possible service and capabilities to our most loyal customers: the DJ community. As such, we have determined to invest in what is most important to our business and our customers, rather than adding yet another choice to a sea of streaming services.

Though it is disappointing to see a number of services from Beatport disappear, it’s great news for the DJ community that relies so heavily on Beatport already. The team will hone in efforts on bettering the store for their customers within the DJ and electronic music community. They have already made significant improvements on the site and their most-used features – track, release, artist and genre pages – are running up to 51% faster.