Slushii – Emptiness

Your brain probably hasn’t fully thawed from the last deep freeze that Slushii put it in. But in no time at all, Slushii is back! With some more sweet dubstep that will definitely make your stomach curl. Yes…dubstep.  The track, released on Monstercat Records is titled, “Emptiness” but is far from it.  Here we are with yet even more variety from the anonymous producer.  With this release, it’s evident that Slushii is Monstercat’s most active, and ironically, hottest, artist at the moment.

This track takes some very melodic vocals, slowly builds, and then drops…HARD. I compare these sounds to the range of emotions your brain actually goes through when drinking an actual slushie. This song has us asking more questions than just, “Who is Slushii?” Now we’re asking, “When can we have some more?” Whoever is influencing him and whichever direction he’s going, we’re onboard and anxiously awaiting a refill. Check out the frosty goodness below!

Slushii – Emptiness | Download