Like Mike Punches Stage Crasher at Tomorrowland Brazil [Video]

Let’s face it—publicity for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike hasn’t been so hot ever since the DJ Mag voting incident. For those who are not familiar with the situation, the duo’s employees supposedly walked around Tomorrowland with iPad’s and pre-filled forms prompting anyone they could find to vote them to the top. While that mess has thankfully died down since the release of the poll’s results, yet another PR fiasco has manifested itself. This past weekend at Tomorrowland Brazil, a fan somehow made it to the stage while the duo were performing their set at the main stage. When he tries to cozy up to the two DJ’s, Like Mike clearly shows his discontent for the situation by attacking the fan even after security had the situation handled. Whether the incident is offensive or just downright hilarious, one thing is for sure: the duo seems to love drawing attention to themselves at Tomorrowland events.