First-Ever Electronic Music Awards Show Postponed

Electronic Music Awards

Set to debut on FOX later this month, fate has now made it apparent that the US is just not ready yet for the first ever Electronic Music Awards. The April 23rd, 2016 award show’s premier date has now been officially postponed to sometime later in the fall of this year, only two days prior to the supposed filming of the ceremony (April 14th).

Co-founded by non other than Paul Oakenfold, he and co-producers at LA-based TV4 Entertainment have revealed that the awards show is not yet Ready, Steady, Go. A representative of Oakenfold and TV4 had this to say about the sudden change in plans:

“As this is the first year of the awards, we have the luxury of flexibility, which we are taking advantage of to decide the optimal timetable to present the awards. With this opportunity, we felt that it would better to represent the electronic music calendar in the fall rather than the spring.”

The website is a bit barren at the moment, however, if you’d like to learn more about the upcoming award show (whenever that will be), check out their Facebook page for a list of Hosts, Awards Finalists, Award Categories, and more.