Check Out Marshmello and Getter Ultra Live From UMF 2016

Whether you’re gearing up to go to the gym or looking for this weekend’s pregame playlist, be prepared to get moving to Getter and Marshmello’s Ultra Music Festival live sets. With festival seasons comes new music and new mixes. And with Ultra being the first major fest of the season artists ready to bring the heat!

Marshmello’s entire 60-minute set is straight fire and although you may not recognize the man under the mask, his signature sound is unmistakable. The mystery surrounding, “Who is Marshmello?” is only overshadowed by the bounce this guy brings to his live sets; pumping energy into the crowd throughout.

Getter, hailing from Skrillex’s OWSLA label, playing his first UMF set ever, delivers gut-wrenching bass that has us questioning what we ate for lunch while simultaneously making us lose our mind. With hits like, “Suh Dude” and “Rip N Dip” Getter is seemingly Skrillex’s apprentice, reminiscent in sound and creativity of the Skrillex we’ve all come to know and love.

Regardless of your taste, put these sets on repeat and feel the vibes. Good Vibes.