Ryan Farish - Skyline - EDMTunes

Ryan Farish – Skyline

I don’t get to bring new hotness to EDMTunes these days, with the kids finding all the sweet tracks way before I do. But I think you’re going to like this one. Ryan Farish has provided a shimmering, glorious chillstep track in “Skyline”.

First discovering this lighter side of the dubby end of the spectrum in 2012, it’s remained a favorite sub-genre of mine, precisely because it can be this good. There’s a great ebb and flow to the echoing piano and symphonic production which builds wonderfully. It never scampers too quickly, or forgets you might stop paying attention as it’s on the chiller side. It keeps your focus, dropping into a scintillating break.

Huge props to Ryan Farish for this, and I hope there’s more of this coming for 2016. With Monstercat going gangbusters and other collectives beginning to flourish with this sound, here’s to the chiller side of electronic music. Let’s get Ryan Farish on MrSuicideSheep huh?

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