eric prydz

Eric Prydz is one of the most incredible producers of this generation, and not simply for the transcendent music he creates. The love and appreciation he has for his fans is truly felt by those who follow both him and his career.

In a recent Reddit post, the Opus producer wrote a heartfelt thank you to all of his fans for attending his EPIC 4.0 concert tour, which included an homage to Daft Punk and an unparalleled stage. In the post, Prydz comments that playing music for his fans reminds him of playing for his buddies at their BBQ parties. For possessing the amount of talent that he does, Eric Prydz is astonishingly humble. Read his heartfelt appreciation for his fans below.

“I know a lot of you guys went to multiple EPIC 4.0 shows plus the Afters etc and i just wanted to write a few lines to thank you ALL for having the passion and exitement to follow me around when i do my shows. Writing music is such an intimate thing, so is putting it together in to a set/story/trip. Ive never had the goal to musically please the masses, and i never will. Just myself.. But I’m so fortunate to have this “little” following that feels the same way when they hear my music as i did when i made it. It really reminds me of back in the days when i was just making tunes for fun, and at the weekends when me and my buddies would get together for a bbq and drinks i would play em all the new stuff i had done that week and just enjoy it with my friends. They where the ones back then to give me the vision and courage, and today the bbq listening party is a bit bigger.. Same thing thou.. I want to replicate that again, but with you guys. I don’t know how yet but it would be great to do a bigger bbq with my old friends, and new…. listening to some new (and old) music…. Trying to get well after this last EPIC 4.0 run in SF. I had to go all the gigs with flu and fever and that Ruby Sky one almost didn’t happen as i was so bad after the EPIC show the same night.. Feeling better now though and I’m exited for SD!!! Cirez don’t get sick… love ya! <3″

This is what it looks like inside my cube…

Posted by Eric Prydz on Wednesday, March 2, 2016