Pew pew! Shots fired.

Nearly a month ago, Zedd released his collaboration with Aloe Blacc entitled, “Candyman” which was a reconfiguration of the track, “The Candyman”, at the request of M&M’s. The song, an advert for the candy brand, embraces soulful melodies that while commercial, would make anyone feel good- that is, anyone but Diplo.

Outraged by what he would define as sellout, Diplo took to Twitter to publicly exclaim his outrage with the Russian-Germain producer’s latest release,

Rather bold statements from a man who has collaborated with the likes of both Madonna and Justin Bieber. While Diplo and Zedd continued to hash out their differences, it didn’t take long for Deadmau5 to weigh in on the action,

To which Deadmau5 continued,

And back to Diplo,

So, who won this battle? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and check out “Candyman”, the video that started it all, below.