INSTRUM - Night Rolls (ft. Somni)

INSTRUM – Night Rolls (ft. Somni)

New York native INSTRUM comes at us with another feel-good tune.  “Night Rolls” features vocalist Somni and will be released via Armin van Buuren’s Armanda Deep.  If you are unfamiliar with INSTRUM, he began his production career in the hip hop realm, but has since made the transition to dance music.  Upon unleashing his latest offering, INSTRUM stated the goal of this track was to “fuse deep house, funk, and pop to create something new.”  Well INSTRUM, you definitely achieved your goal.  The bassline of the tune gives off those summer tropical house vibes, but the guitar riff that comes in as the beat drops is something special.  Spring is right around the corner and INSTRUM is here to get you prepared!  Check out the track below.

INSTRUM – Night Rolls (ft. Somni) | Hypem