Fight Night Unveil Punk/Electronica EP – Underground

Fight Night Unveil Punk/Electronica EP - Underground
For any of us that grew up on punk music (which is actually a very large chunk of the dance music community from what I’ve noticed), we have something that you’re going to really enjoy today. Duo Fight Night’s latest EP, Underground, is a unique blend of punk-fueled bass music that was a real delight to hear this morning when a publicist friend dropped it into my inbox. My inbox bats like…1/10 for this I actually enjoy, so this was a rare moment.

With under 3k fans on Soundcloud, Fight Night is the definition of upstart. These early cuts are a sign of big things to come. There’s also a really nice aesthetic going thru the entire project, as you can see on their website. A punk/noir movie poster takes up the majority of the site, advertising the Underground EP. For all intents and purposes, this appears to be their first real body of work, as most tracks on their Soundcloud are from this EP as well. It’s a great start, undoubtedly. Check it out below.