A Masterpiece A Decade In The Making: A Review Of Eric Prydz’ ‘Opus’

Eric Prydz – Opus

In the world of dance music, there are a few tracks that you hear and instantly know you’ve stumbled onto something special. It might be a track you heard at your first festival where it all clicked for you. As more and more dance music producers release albums each one may have a few truly outstanding tracks, but how many would you characterize as a masterpiece? Well Eric Prydz has collected 2 CDs worth of masterpiece-quality tracks and put them into his magnum opus, Opus. In fact, either CD on its own could be considered a top 5 album for 2016 but both  discs together catapults the album into the realm of top 5 albums of the decade. It might only be February of 2016, but we find it hard to imagine another dance music album will top this.

Perhaps the legendary nature of the album is because many of these tracks are already classics that fans have been grooving to for years, some released and many that went for years without so much as a title. Even if we ignore the previously released anthems like “Every Day”, “Generate”, “Liberate”, and “Opus” we have several tracks that are capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music. This is progressive house at its absolute finest, in a time where the subgenre has become a dirty word in dance music. In typical Prydz fashion, the first half is a bit slower, darker, and techier sounding with a lot of 80s influence while the 2nd half is your mainstage Eric feel good music. Out of the new tracks some of the standouts would be “Liam”, “Collider”, “Floj”, “Trubble”, “Klepht” and of course “The Matrix”, but that might change with every listen through. With an album like this we would be remiss if we didn’t recommend you listen to the whole thing through from beginning to end, once or maybe 5 times. Eric Prydz is very subjective and everybody might have a different set of favorite tracks, which demonstrates the overall strength of the album. Those of you who were blown away by Eric’s spellbinding ASOT700 set during Ultra Music Festival will be pleased to know that most of the tracks from that set are released now. Come December 2016, you can be sure you’ll be seeing this album in plenty of top lists. You can now stream the entire thing below and pick up your copy here.