Check Out These Insane Videos From Eric Prydz’ Debut EPIC 4.0 Show

When it comes to top-notch production, Eric Prydz never disappoints. That being said, the Swedish producer always takes things one step further for his out-of-this-world EPIC shows. When asked about his upcoming EPIC 4.0 events during his recent Reddit AMA, Eric had this to say:

“With every EPIC show that we do, we always try to move away from what we’ve done previously. We want to use the latest technology that we can get our hands on, and one up what we’ve done before. EPIC 4.0 is no exception, and I think it will be the best show I’ve done to date.”

“I hope you understand that this is production led show not a club show, the amount of work that goes into every EPIC show is crazy, especially as we are planning for every show to be unique and different both musically & visually.”

Last night in New York City, Eric Prydz played his debut EPIC 4.0 show. Even though we weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance, we’re living vicariously through some of the crazy videos. During the assortment of clips, you will see Prydz drop some of the biggest hits from his fantastic new album, such as “Som Sas”, “Trubble” and “Opus”, alongside a state-of-the-art hologram. Check out some of the best videos below and for more information about EPIC 4.0, head over here.