In what’s sure to stir up some controversy for the upcoming 2016 festival season, Electric Forest has been forced to ban attendees from bringing alcohol onto the festival/campground this year, citing a new Michigan law as the culprit.

The four-day festival, which takes place in Rothbury, Michigan, has been touted for it’s incredible setting and it’s focus on providing attendees with an immersive, fun-filled experience. Boasting a lineup this year featuring artists like BassnectarAdventure Club and Major Lazer, Electric Forest is definitely a must-see event for any electronic dance music fan. Yet with the passing of a recent Michigan state law banning alcohol from entering the campground this past year, it seems festival goers will be forced to purchase their alcohol on-site, an unplanned expense which will surely raise the overall cost of attendance. The legislation of the bill states:

“This act and rules promulgated under this act do not prevent a class A or B hotel designed to attract and accommodate tourists and visitors in a resort area from allowing its invitees or guests to possess or consume, or both, on or about its premises alcoholic liquor purchased by the invitee or guest from an off-premises retailer and does not prevent a guest or invitee from entering and exiting the licensed premises with alcoholic liquor purchased from an off-premises retailer.”

While there still seems to be lots of uncertainty and speculation surrounding whether this new bill will truly forbid attendees from bringing beer and alcohol in, it’s important not to point the finger at Electric Forest for these changes. Either way, if the legislation is enforced, there will surely be some disappointed festival goers.

For more information about Electric Forest, head over here. Be sure to keep checking back for developments with this story.

UPDATE: Electric Forest has responded to news breaking of a potential ban on alcohol brought onto the campground.