An Ode to The Dancetronauts

dancetronautsThis one goes out to one of  the most unexpectedly awesome experiences the EDMTunes staff happened across while on board Groove Cruise Miami this year – curated by a lesser known group intriguingly named The Dancetronauts.

A little over a week ago, as we were rounding out the back half of our Groove Cruise Miami experience, we left it’s massively popular classics party to try and grab a good “seat” in the Theatre for what would assuredly be a incontestable shit show for Dada Life later that evening.  The lineup consisted of Project 46, Dzeko & Torres, Dada Life, and DSK CHK, names all familiar to the group attending.  The only question mark, a group titled “The Dancetronauts,” who we were about to see open the evening.


“WTF is this…a musical?” One of our staff members Dan uttered as over 20 people dressed as astronauts descended onto the stage as the lights dimmed.  Five guys alternated from the decks to dancing with no less than 15 “Dancetrohotties” shining like they just walked out of a mirror shop.  It’s almost as if they took the bro-d out, tongue in cheek, “I don’t give a flying f**k what you think about me” DJ persona, and somehow escalated it so far, that even Zac Efron wouldn’t even touch it for “We Are Your Friends 2.”  They’re the kind of people you know would be totally fine raging alone if nobody showed up to their house party, the people you watch in social situations, just to see what happens, and the people you follow to the bar to tell the bartender “Uhm…I’ll have what they’re having.”

dancetronauts mix

…and you know what?  Against everyone in our group’s first impression…it was one of the most fun times we’ve had listening to what could only be described as bouncy house, a shout-out to the 90’s Chicago house sets with mainstream vocals, mixed with Jauz’s signature future bass, a dash of the Redux that Kaskade brought back to the mainstream..and yes, even some trap (I’ll never live down writing that I liked trap…and I’m not the only “melodic-tinged” staff member in attendance who felt this way).  The gimmicks were in no short supply, as the DJs took turns hopping onto each others shoulders, highlighting dancers through the sets, and break dancing, but one thing was for certain, the music was 100% unique, had everyone grooving, setting the stage for one of the best musical evenings we’ve heard in years.

dancetronauts bros

I want hate that I loved it as much as I did, but I don’t.  Completely and utterly shameless, and with a ton of stuff to watch to keep people entertained for more than just the music. They swung for the fences on a boat more than half filled with black shirt wearing techno/tech house legends, and hit it out of the park. Our staff enjoyed it so much that by the end of the set – I vowed to write this article.

Music is the great differentiator, and at the end of the day, you got us where it mattered.  So I raise my glass to The Dancetronauts, and will be dragging my friends to see you the next time I see you on a lineup.