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Our Fathers – Up In The Air

Hailing from Chicago is must-listen band, Our Fathers, who brilliantly combines Lana Del Rey like vocals, Drake-ish instrumentals, and just enough of a catchy beat to keep you swayin’. Fairly new to the scene, the band has just recently released several noteworthy tracks on Soundcloud, all of which tell real-life situations through some real-talk conversations. The foursome plans to release their first EP on Spotify and iTunes within the next couple of months, and in the meantime will be gifting the ears of Chicagoans at local venues.

In our favorite song of the bunch, “Up In The Air”, vocalist Madeline Smith effortlessly hits the high notes with her angelic voice, while Brandon Suarez showcases a hint of hip-hop, with his dark penetrating beats and key rifts . This track has you feeling a range of emotions, perhaps similar to our favorite 2012 summer hit “Summertime Sadness?” which as you well-know was rejigged by one and only top DJ, Cedric Gervais. After just one listen, it’s easily determined this is a stripped-down rendition of a clubby track, begging to be remixed. If you’re feelin’ “Up In The Air” as much as we are, we direct you to additional track, “Don’t Ask.” Half-way in, this one hits you with a unique sounding beat & bass you wouldn’t see coming from a mile away (which again has “remix me” written all over it). If you’re in need of a smooth, late-night slow jam, “A Place Called Willoughby” is your go-to, which could unquestionably be replaced with some Drake lyrics. Check out their Soundcloud page here, and if you’re a fan, show them your support and spread the word.

Our Fathers – Up In The Air| Free Download

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