It often seems like wizardry how our favorite DJs and artists craft the music they play in their sets. What may be more challenging to remember is that accompanying all the flashing lights and glamour we see with these modern day rock stars, there are countless hours sitting behind a computer screen fiddling with knobs and constructing wonky melodies. So, it’s always a a treat when we get a behind-the-scenes look at how these producers do what they do. Martin Garrix recently gave us such an insight during a radio interview with Dutch station, De Avondploeg.

Going over the basics of how he begins to create a song, we see Garrix take some simple drum patterns and create little melodies over them as the radio hosts watch and comment. The interview is entertaining to watch, but more so is the low-key gems hidden amongst the banter. The most important of these is Garrix’s subtle comment that he is currently working on a handful of musical drafts of what will eventually be an album. The rumor mill had already guessed that the young star had been working on such a project, but to have Garrix confirm that an album is in the works is something we can all look forward to. Check out the video of Martin Garrix constructing a track live below.