Herobust – I’m Aloud (EP)

Herobust, otherwise known as Hayden Kramer from Atlanta GA, has built up a name for himself in the trap scene over the last few years. By producing an array of original mixes and collaborations with powerhouses such as Snails , Protohype, and Gladiator to name a few he has proven himself a serious contender. From skrillex, to tiesto, to bassnectar, Herobust has garnered support and respect across the entire EDM spectrum. He successfully combines the ruggedness of dubstep into his trap beats, creating a unique dubstep-trap hybrid.

The title I’m Aloud came from Herobust’s realization that he is allowed to create whatever he wants and can break the rules typically set by other producers trying to fit within a certain niche. Herobust makes a strong attempt to set himself apart from the pack, and it definitely. From face-melters like Skurt Reynolds, to more downtempo trap in Weigh Home, Herobust successfully shows his versatility as a producer. I’m Aloud is full of dance-floor primed bombs that are sure to go off and create a ruckus on the international main stages. Check out I’m Aloud below and let us know what your favorite track is!

Herobust – I’m Aloud (EP) | Download