Despite his social media antics, deadmau5 is revered in the electronic music industry for his exceptional production abilities. This can be easily forgotten when deadmau5 is constantly in the news for literally anything but his music, most recently for his Twitter beef with Skrillex and the subsequent Bieber-bashing explanation. Following these recent outbursts, Joel explained that he has been dealing with depression issues that left him far from emotionally stable. This has lent a sobering perspective to what Joel has been going through, who is often painted in the media as a publicity seeking bully. As we all wish Joel the best in dealing with his mental health issues, it is good to see him back on his feet in his state-of-the-art home studio, as he has just dropped two typically brilliant tracks.

With the exception of the absolutely beautiful “Imaginary Friends” and “Blood For The Bloodgoat“, Joel has been using his SoundCloud to upload tantalizing snippets of tracks. Today he uploaded two such snippets, the first being titled “ent_Hope_clk_thme” and the other “ent_open_Alice_02“. Both songs display deadmau5’s iconic brand of progressive house, building gradually while completely immersing the listener in Joel’s all-encompassing atmosphere. Both tracks are extremely exciting indications for Joel’s upcoming album, which fans can only rabidly await.