Ultra Has Huge Plans for Resistance Stage in 2016 [Video]

Last year Ultra Music Festival took a turn to the dark side and enlisted Arcadia Spectacular to put on their brand new Resistance Stage. The Resistance stage featured techno and underground DJs renowned throughout the world, but perhaps the most impressive aspect was the new stage. Dubbed “The Afterburner“, the stage featured recycled military parts to create a steampunk wonderland that felt like a scene from Mad Max.

The company behind the stage is known as Arcadia, and they have a much bigger and more impressive stage in their arsenal. The Spider” has been used in festivals like Glastonbury and more and is probably the most bonkers music stage in existence. Today, Ultra released a video looking back on the first year of its Resistance movement and capped it off with the announcement that the Spider stage is debuting at in North America in 2016 which means Ultra Miami. This is huge for for Ultra and for underground music in America general. Check out the video above and see for yourself.