In order to celebrate another spectacular year in music, Spotify has added a brand new feature.  They call it “Year in Music”.  “Year in Music” is an interactive feature that allows you to see a statistical breakdown of all the music you have listened to over the 2015 year.  The breakdown includes your first track of the year, top songs, top artists, top albums, and top genres.  It also racks up your total minutes listened, the total number of artists you listened to, and the total amount of tracks you have played.  Spotify has even broken down your rankings by seasons and supplied us with a one stop shop for biggest stories in music this past year.  An article that might interest the fans of EDMTunes is “The Year of Tropical House”.  The article consists of a small blurb about how tropical house took this year by storm followed by a linked playlist (below) that consists of tracks from the likes of Thomas Jack, Felix Jahen, and more.

Speaking of tropical house, Spotify has also named their breakout artist of 2015 and who else is more deserving than dance music’s own Kygo.  Kygo revolutionized dance music with his sound and had an absolutely brilliant year releasing records “Stole the Show”, “Coming Over”,  an impeccable remix of “Sexual Healing”, “Nothing Left”, “Here For You”, and last but not least, his latest single “Stay”.  If you’re a Spotify user like me, check out the new update to see the music that had you jamming the hardest in 2015.