Waiting For You

Modern Machines – Waiting For You

What seems like an overnight success is rarely the so, and nothing could be more true than with Modern Machines. This New York duo is made up of seasoned producers, and DJ’s who know all the finer points of making some masterful productions. Their latest release is titled ‘Waiting For You’, and to call it fire would be an understatement.

Modern Machines have the rare and delicate touch which allows them to bring to beauty and emotion their unique sound which treads the line between progressive house and electro. This tracks massive synth lines and explosive low end bass make up the main drop hook of the track, while low key sentimental pads pair against a restricted percussion break during the more calm areas of the track. This song flows with such fluidity that you hardly realize its ebbs and flows until its over, and from there there is nothing to do but hit the repeat button.

Modern Machines – Waiting For You | iTunes