Miike Snow Announce ‘iii’ Release Date, 2nd Single “Genghis Khan”

miike snow

Miike Snow is comprised of distinct points of view making it inconceivable that each new album would hold the same musical shape. The electronic trio’s second single off their forthcoming album, iii, is further emphasis on how much they’ve changed since their last album, and the album before that. “Genghis Khan” consists of bouncy hip-hop beats underneath Andrew Wyatt‘s soulful vocals. “When we came out, I don’t think a lot of things sounded like us, but now I think a lot of stuff sounds like Miike Snow’s first record. I don’t think the right move is to ever stay in one place,” Wyatt tells Rolling Stone:

“I think people appreciate the spirit of it. Sure, ‘Heart Is Full’ and the album opener are a total departure. We’ve never made a track before from a starting point of a pre-existing instrumental track from a hip-hop record and making a song out of it.”

Miike Snow – Genghis Khan | iTunes

In regards to iii, which was officially given a March 4th release date, Wyatt explained the message behind the new album:

“I think as a whole, there’s the idea that we want to make music that’s joyous and imaginative, but not containing the materialistic or shallow side that can invade pop music. We try to put something that’s thoughtful or humane into pop songs, then we kill it with a hook. That’s the reason why the three of us should be in a band together; that’s the glue that holds us together as musicians. We all love hooks, and we’re all good at that to some extent, so that’s what we do. But we try to make it a more interesting journey for people in the visuals and in the lyrics. We don’t like to have it be super one-dimensional or bad for your health.”

iii track list:

“My Trigger”
“The Heart of Me”
“Genghis Khan”
“Heart Is Full”
“For U (Feat. Charli XCX)”
“I Feel the Weight”
“Back of the Car”
“Lonely Life”
“Over and Over”
“Longshot (7 Nights)”