Mike “Mighty Mike” Murga has been the life of the party for years; and the self-proclaimed most in-demand little person. He can do anything from acting, to juggling, to DJing, to producing, and even celebrity impersonations (he does a mean deadmau5 bit, but we’ll get to that in a second). He started wracking up and perfecting a long list of talents from a young age, but he attests most of his fame to his DJing career along with his impersonations.

What has really been taking the world by storm is the aforementioned deadmau5 bit, fittingly named Mini deadmau5, which comes complete with a mau5 head and a DJ set packed full with all of Joel Zimmerman classics. “Sometimes when you create a character, it takes two, three, or four years to develop,” states Mighty Mike, “Deadmau5 just worked right away.”

mini deadmau5

While Murga says he has known Zimmerman way before deadmau5 was even a thing, he points out that Joel isn’t to happy about his latest impersonation gig. Murga explains that he met him back in 2005 when Joel was talking to Tommy Lee. They were introduced, and were then forced to share a tour bus together while Motly Crue finished out a booked schedule. From here, Murga developed a respect for what Joel was doing. It is this respect that he bases his whole Mini deadmau5 act on, but the feelings apparently aren’t mutual. Durga says, “He’s not a fan of what I’m doing. . . He feels it’s making a joke out of him.” He defends his act as art, and relies on his deep knowledge of dance music and a precise execution of his smash sets to keep his career alive. He argues that most people of his stature rely too heavily on being spectacles, which is why he has always set the bar so high for himself.

If you still doubt him, check out his track record and commitment to his craft. Back in 2009, he toured with Britney Spears where he performed three hours sets, four days a week for eight months straight. This all culminated in a very low margin for error, and Murga followed through with ease.

Via Thump