Quinto & Yves V - Unbroken (Music Video

Quintino & Yves V – Unbroken (Music Video)

Quintino & Yves V have given us a early Christmas present with their newest collaboration and music video of their progressive house beauty, “Unbroken,” an indulging and seductive vocal raver. From vocals to instrumentals, everything is seamlessly laced together to form an impressive progression, topped off with a powerful drop as the perfect climax. This video doesn’t go the same route as most dance videos though; instead we have two police officers, dressed to fit the holiday season, patroling the streets and providing presents and cash to some of the less fortunate within the city. You’ve got everything from cash payouts and clothing gifts to dudes on the street, to treating a group of teenagers to an arcade day with some food. In a time when the US police brutality topic is becoming hotter and hotter, this video serves as a nice coolant to the wounds, showing that there are police officers out there that are willing to go out of there way to help people in need, who are caring and even know how to have some fun. Check out the music video below and make sure to get your copy of the single tomorrow!