Dreamstate Stage Coming To EDC New York

By now you might have heard that Trance is having a big resurgence in the US in 2015. Insomniac‘s new trance festival, Dreamstate, has experienced blazing fast ticket sales and the inaugural festival in LA has garnered rave reviews from attendees. With such valuable new intellectual property, it should come as no surprise that Insomniac will expand the brand rapidly. The first step in that growth was the 2nd Dreamstate festival, but now we have confirmation of the next step.

EDC New York has subtly announced that Dreamstate will be hosting its own stage at the 2016 edition of the festival. The EDC NY website indicates that cosmicMeadow will be hosted by Dreamstate on Saturday. While it’s true that Insomniac has always hosted a solid trance lineup at its EDC events, it’s still exciting to see the trance movement’s strength in the rapid ascension of this new brand. What the new branding will bring remains to be seen, but be on the lookout for a lot more trance in 2016.