YouTube Music Plans to Change the Music Industry


YouTube dominates the music streaming industry with a 53% of popularity

The music industry keeps growing and all the big companies are always looking to innovate their platforms to take over this billion dollar industry. YouTube is the largest music service in the world, but they are planning to expand with the launch of a new app called YouTube Music. The app is free and it’s expected to change the way we look at music stream industry. The app will have the traditional audio version but the kicker is that it gives you the opportunity to watch live versions of the track, the lyrics videos and even fans versions. Also it gives the chance make a daily mix based on the videos you’ve like and your music taste. Additionally, YouTube Red subscribers have the opportunity to build an offline mix and make the app adds-free. YouTube Music follows this company’s plans to really focus on its 3 biggest markets: kids, music and gaming.

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Talking about the EDM scene, it’s going to really interesting to see how much it will help upcoming producers that aren’t under record label or don’t the rights to most of his remixes; how many doors it will open with SoundCloud, in the other side, burning bridges and losing popularity day-by-day. For the fans point of view, the settings of this app makes it really easy to keep up with the latest bangers, watch live sets, and built a “fire” mix.

Here is a review from the guys of The Verge

Source: The Verge