Jack Eye Jones
Never one to sit still, Jack Eye Jones is always on the move creating fun and lively works of art that always have his fans coming back more. The latest endeavor comes as a music video for their latest single, “Forever Young,” which features the vocals of Nicky McDonald. The song itself is an upbeat and explosive vocal single with massive synth lines and heartfelt sing-along lyrics that is a complete uplifting package to get you through the drearier months of the year.

The video stands as an inside look into the creative side of making the track, along with some of the memories guys have while making it. Images of the dudes hard at work in the studio is paired up against carefree summertime vibes of open-roofed cars and cannonballs into pools. So check out the video below, because it is sure to get you bouncing in your seat and already counting down the days until the sun comes out again.