Tchami Starts Confession Record Label


It almost seems as if it’s mandatory for producers to open their own record label once they achieve a certain level of stardom.  Today, the news of the latest producer to follow this path has surfaced; Tchami, the master of Future House, announced he will be starting a record label named ConfessionTchami used the unique Future House sound to explode onto the scene and has had a massive 2015 releasing singles “After Life” and “Missing You.” When discussing why he made the move to the business side of the dance music industry Confession with Billboard, Tchami stated “I want to create a bigger picture for a song, an EP, or any form of musical project that Confession will be involved with.”  He then followed up by saying “I also love the idea of being more independent and giving artists, including myself, another option to release music.”

Along with the announcement, Tchami shared a quick minimix so we could get our feet wet with what the label will have to offer in the near future.  The six minute mix features snippets from five songs that are set to be released under the label, and sounds an awful lot like the guest mix Malaa dropped on Diplo and Friends recently. That certainly adds some juice to the Tchami/Malaa rumors. The first single on Confessions will be “Hey Girl” by ANGELZ and will be released on November 18th.  The second song will be “Notorious” by Malaa, no release date was given.  The master of Future House even teased us by hinting that he will be releasing in EP in 2016.

Source: Billboard