Just when it seemed like the waiting would go on forever for Knife Party‘s new EP, Trigger Warning, Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have finally announced its official release date. November 20th, next Friday, fans will finally get the EP that they have been waiting for. The package will include the original mix of “Plur Police” as well as a reimx from Jauz, “Kraken” which they collaborated with Tom Staar on, and another song entitled “Parliament Funk”. In a mere week, the waiting game will be over and fans will be able to listen to the EP at last. Knife Party have also released EP’s before such as Rage Valley and Haunted House as well as a full length studio album entitled Abandon Ship. The duo that formed from the drum and bass group Pendulum have enjoyed great success as Knife Party, performing at numerous festivals and smaller shows throughout the globe. Keep an eye out for Trigger Warning, out November 20th!

Watch Knife Party’s Ultra set below to see them drop some of the tracks from Trigger Warning.