Hardwell Opens Personal Guest List To 100,000 Fans For Special Mumbai Show

There’s no denying that, nowadays, big dance music artists are essentially treated like pop stars. Industry stalwarts like Calvin Harris, Avicii, and Hardwell have become household names in dance music, and Hardwell is parlaying his popularity to help the world. The Revealed Recordings don is launching his own charitable organization, the United We Are Foundation, which strives to help educate the impoverished youth of India, and eventually the world.

To celebrate the launch of his United We Are Foundation, Hardwell is playing a special free show in Mumbai on December 13th. The Dutch dance luminary is taking no personal fees for the show, in favor of donating all of the proceeds to the Magic Bus Foundation to educate 3,000 of India’s youth. The announcement of this special “I Am Hardwell: United We Are” show drew massive interest, as over 125,000 fans pre-registered for the chance to secure one of the 100,000 spots on Hardwell’s guest list. Registration for a spot on Hardwell’s list is already open, and you can find more information about the show here. Additionally, the pledging for the show is now open, and you can pledge to support the cause here.

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