[EDMTunes Premiere] Frameworks – Branches

Frameworks – Branches

Acclaimed British downtempo/instrumental hip-hop producer Frameworks left fans craving more of his infectious, atmospheric sound after the release of his enchanting debut Tides LP earlier this year. Luckily, the pacemaking UK musician chose not to waste too much time in gracing the music world with more of his otherworldly and uplifting grooves, as he’s preparing to release a followup EP to Tides entitled Branches later this month through Emancipator‘s imprint, Loci Records. Frameworks’ forthcoming, four-track Branches EP sees the enlightened producer expanding his cinematic soundscapes even further with bolder tempos and more live instrumentation, bringing an organic richness to his already warm compositions.

The EP’s title track, ‘Branches’ is an especially magical production, as it appears to span innumerable genres and influences to deliver a Bonobo-esque, earthy house beat laced with perfect touches of impactful flutes and horns. This sophisticated and refreshing track is more than a piece of music, it’s a sonic experience; one that channels inner euphoria with its haunting harmony and soulfully enriching sound. Be sure to grab Frameworks’ Branches EP on November 20th through Loci Records.

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