Arkasia – Aftermath

I’ve been following Arkasia for quite some time now. The plucky French producer is one of the only people on the planet that makes Symphonic Dubstep, effectively. You may think this is a genre that you’ve heard before, but after you put some Arkasia in your face, you’ll realize just how few other producers out there are able to match him. His production skills are out of this world and I cannot understand why he hasn’t been picked up by NEST or OWSLA, or another top tier label already. His signature sound The EP shot to the top of the Beatport dubstep charts, and has been #1 all week.

“Aftermath” is quintessential Arkasia. The soaring melodies, overpowering synth work & metal bite is a sound that I wish more producers would succeed at making. It’s mad scientist, combined with symphony, combined with the hardest beats around. Lots try, but it always ends up as some muddled bastard stepchild of metal and dubstep. Arkasia makes new shit that goes hard, harder than even what you’d hear at a Q-Dance or Excision tour.

“Shatter Point” brings it back to the heaviest vibes you’ll hear this year. This is dirty, crunchy dubstep that can hang with the best of them. It’s got more than enough metal edge to distinguish it, but make no mistake, this will abuse your neighbors.

“Infinity pulls” into a little more of a hopeful vibe which is a welcome way to finish the EP off. The chance for a better tomorrow shines through with Infinity, with 1:45 crashing through in an almost joyous way. The hope is betrayed by the metallic core of the tune, but both shine through in a delightful little post-apocalyptic sunrise. You know you’ve missed this vibe, so head over there and pick it up. And just in case you want more Arkasia, here’s a bonus track from him. One of my all-time favorites. You know a track is dope when it quotes The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin.