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ZHU x Gallant – Testarossa Music

Premiered on KRCW, ZHU’s next creation features an artist Elton John just praised on his Beats 1 radio show. Using phrases such as “went crazy when he heard it” and “Gallant is an artist to watch. He is going to be huge” when talking about Gallant’s latest single “Weight In Gold” is a pretty huge endorsement.

Back to the new ZHU. This record is a hit collab that the former mystery man himself featured on his BBC Radio 1 After Hours mix back in May as the ending track. It is the third tune off of ZHU’s Genesis Series album, with the first two reveals from the cryptic messages being AlunaGeorge and A-Track x Keznamdi and of course it’s another genre being introduced to an already eclectic mix of artists that have already been announced.

Go over to generationwhy.com and sign up for more details on the release of this truly worth the hype album release with Skrillex’s and Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony’s contributions still being held under the veil.

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