Red Bull Thre3style

Last month, the Red Bull Thre3style world championship finals in Tokyo saw some of the world’s best DJs pitted in a competition against one another to see which globally ranked DJ delivered the most technical skill, dance floor control and crowd thrilling beats. But this massive turntablist event wasn’t all about competition. Amidst the excitement of the adrenaline-pumping, musically tech savvy tournament, 40 of the biggest names in DJing split into 10 collaborative teams to create the world’s biggest scratch session, which consisted of 40 Pioneer DJ turntables, 80 XLR cables, 6 PA mixers and a lot of creative and technical work in Red Bull’s Tokyo Studio, all resulting in an epic eight-minute mix. Each team of DJs was randomly selected and given a few days to devised a 16-bar scratch solo that would then be performed back-to-back-to-back-to-back. The end product: a history making DJ circle full of mind-bending technical prowess and top-notch song selection, featuring the likes of previous world champions, national champions, and huge names like DJ Qbert, Jazzy Jeff, D-Styles and DJ Kentaro. Watch the jaw dropping, record-breaking mix session below.